Food of the Gods

In our earlier “connections” post we neglected to mention the masters of culinary expertise that have also contributed to our success in a big way. The best Winnipeg catering crew known to man at Cass-Lynn catering is owed our utmost gratitude, not because they have helped with any monetary or even technical aspect of this website but there business has been a family staple for as long as we’ve known them. Read more →



Before diving head first into the meat and potatos of this blog MM would like to thank the following companies for sponsoring and/or endorsing the very beginnings of this project…

First and foremost our utmost gratitude is given to the drywall and insulation specialists in Winnipeg at RPM Plastering Inc. There generous seed donation has ensured that Marsh Mode will have at the very least hosting costs covered for the lifespan of this site for however long it may exist into the future. Full disclosure: The owner of this site and RPM are in fact related (definitely helps explain the immense generosity on there part 😉 )

Furthermore another thank you is in order for Amazon as they have agreed to let us join there affiliate program that should help to ensure that this website also remains healthily monetized in the years to come.

Also another drywall giant in Toronto (that happens to have connections with the former drywalling giants aforementioned above) have also graciously agreed to further fund this aspiring site once monthly revenue for MM has reached an acceptable cap.

If you or someone you know would also be interested in having there or there business’s name listed on this thank you page, please contact us. This is only the begininng. Read more →


Everything that glimmers green under the sun

From the grass to the trees and everything in between


Coming soon to an internet connection near you is a lush landscape of knowledge disecting topics such as topography, aeroponics and anything that produces chlorophyl.

Marsh Mode is an ode to mother nature discussing the wonders of her majesty and the tools we use to harness them such as hydroponic kits, soil nutrients or even informational reading material discussing plant matter. Terra firma has many a magnificent gifts to give us if only we harness the wares provided to us responsibly. Her capacity for our urban landscapes is wearing thin and it’s “high time” we did our parts to reclaim these concrete dotted eyesores with bountiful, evergreen affairs.

With so many options in the way of planters, seed vendors and gardening tools there’s no stopping any committed green thumb in making there surroundings just a little bit earthy.